Pacquiao vs Rios Stream Videos From Youtube

There are many Pacquiao vs Rios stream videos all over the internet in promotion of the big fight scheduled for November 23rd. Manny Pacquiao is one of the biggest attractions in the history of the sport and any time he fights people watch. This fight versus Brandon Rios is especially important since he is coming off of two straight losses and everyone wants to see how he will do. Pacquiao is a living legend and his fans desperately want to see him get back on track. Brandon Rios feels that he is in this fight for a reason. While some analysts are calling him nothing more than a punching bag, Rios is training harder than ever to prove a point in this, the biggest fight of his career.

Pacquiao vs Rios Clash in Cotai

pacquiao rios streaming

Everyone is waiting for the fight being called the “Clash in Cotai”. Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios are about to bring Media attention to Macau China of the likes they are not accustomed to seeing for sporting events, with the exception of the Olympics. Pacquiao vs Rios has become the fight that everyone wants to see and it will be a night where many questions are answered. Questions like does Manny still have it? or Can Rios compete with the best in the sport? are going to be answered. Also, people want to see what happens because it will affect whether or not the super fight between Pacquiao and Rios will take place. There are many people who will have a close eye on this one and some will be viewing via Pacquiao vs Rios stream amongst other ways. There are a few other fights on this card that will make for an interesting night of boxing, but undoubtedly the bigges fight will be the main event which will take place Suday morning in China.

Pacquiao Thinking of Using Hatton Game Plan in Fight

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There are many rumors swirling around saying that Pacquiao intends on using the the Ricky Hatton gameplan vs the young Rios. Rios is a otugh fighter that loves to come forward and Hatton is very similar, so that may be where people got the idea but Pacquiao should know that Rios is no Hatton. Rios punches from different angles and is more of a brawler, and probably a better boxer than Hatton. Rios has been tested on the battlefield so Pacman should be careful not to underestimate hime. We will only know during the Pacquiao vs Rios stream live if Rios is just a glorified Ricky Hatton or if he actually has what it takes to stand toe to toe with the great Pacquiao, only time will tell.

Rios Says China Does Not Like Pacquiao

In a recent video Brandon Bam Bam Rios revealed that while he was in China promoting the fight, a Chinese man confessed to him that China does not like Pacquiao and they do not like the Philippines. Rios said this despite the general thought that the fans will be cheering for Pac Man. Rios is going into this fight ready and he says that he is ready to go to China right now and figh. November 23 will be fireworks on tv and on the Pacquiao vs Rios stream worldwide.


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